How we select properties ??

We all know it’s possible to DIY as a property buyer. But do you have the confidence to know how to pick an outstanding property in a great location, before it’s even been built? Do you have the time to do the research to find out?

Our rigorous due diligence and research process is designed to simplify the property selection process for you, so you can quickly identify a quality property which meets your criteria.

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Our property selection process

Our property and research team investigate a range of factors as well as relying on our own ‘off-market’ intel and expertise.

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Yarrraland approved properties

Location, location

Two of our overall strategies include ‘infill’ – filling a gap in established suburbs – and ‘urban renewal’ areas. We’re looking for properties that offer value for our buyers in areas that are poised for growth.

Ready to move in

Our speciality is ‘off-the-plan’: beautiful properties that require no additional effort from you and are ready for your tenant to move in.

Owner-occupier appeal

We want to ensure the property appeals to a high-calibre tenant and a future owner-occupier – consider who will pay a lot more money in future if you decide to sell?

Commitment to quality

We partner exclusively with developers who have a legacy of delivering quality. We’ve been in the market a long time, so we can spot opportunities that others can’t.

A good brand

We know it’s important to work with a range of industry-leading developers – public and private developers with a strong brand reputation.

Detailed research

The key is finding the right development in the right area. We have a rigorous selection process that’s backed by continuing research and market analysis.



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