Are foreigners allowed to buy a home in Australia?

Join Yarraland to learn about the recent trend of Australian immigrants. Are foreigners allowed to buy a home in Australia? [toc]

Why the recent trend many people want to buy a house in Australia?

Australia is a country with a clean and mild climate

When we think of Australia, we imagine a continent in the middle of the ocean. The climate is mild and cool. Clean Air. The air pollution index (AQI) is always the lowest in the world. A clean living environment is always something everyone is looking forward to

Australia is a pleasant place to settle in

Australia has many of the top universities in the world

Education in Australia is especially developed with the top universities such as University of Melbourne, RMIT, Victoria, … Many international students from Asian countries, even Europe, choose Australia to attend university. . Wishing to settle down for a long time and stabilize their career development, parents of students often buy houses for their children to go to University

G08 is the list of dream universities of Vietnamese students

Real Estate Investment is profitable and extremely safe

Investors always choose safe projects and high profitability. And in Australia you can be completely assured of this. Many people decide to buy houses in Australia as a safe, long-term investment channel.

Are Vietnamese allowed to buy houses in Australia?

Vietnamese people buying houses in Australia must apply for FIRB approval

FIRB regulates requirements and grants FIRB investment approvals for each product line – housing, project, farm, commercial real estate. Within 2-4 weeks of the date the application is submitted, foreign investors will be granted an Australian real estate license. Homebuyers can apply online via the FIRB website and receive licenses via email. FIRB fee for foreign investment license, with Real Estate under $ 1M is $ 5,800AUD, Real Estate $ 1 – $ 2M is $ 11,700AUD. Refer to FIRB fee at :

Vietnamese people are only allowed to buy new houses or projects under construction

There are two types of people allowed to buy houses in Australia: Foreigners who do not own an Australian visa: are only allowed to stand in the name, own new, never-before-used property or the project is under construction. Those who are temporarily residing in Australia with temporary visas with a term of more than 12 months (student visas, business visas, investment visas 188, visas 132 …): are allowed to buy old houses to be the main residence places in Australia and must sell the property when leaving Australia. Please contact Yarraland immediately if you are looking to buy a home in Australia to invest, settle down or study abroad for your children!

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